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Saturday, August 21, 2004

Kareokers Annonymous

Ok, folks...
Two weeks in a row now I've ended up behind the kareoke mic. What's worse is how much I liked it. Last night though was great. I always had a feeling humping Scott while singing OASIS would be a treat. Happy Birthday Scotty! You only turn 30 twice!
Hopefullu I will be posting more soon. I am having a bit of trouble getting pics up on the blog, along with a few other computer snags. I should be able to take care of all this with the new computer I will be purchasing shortly.
Saw OPEN WATER and GARDEN STATE recently. Open water was alright. It was more tense than scary though. Garden State: Wow! Just wow!
And here's an update: No longer unemployed. I start Assistant Manager training for Hollister on Monday. Goodbye late nights. Goodbye beer belly.
Hey Stephen Jones, you smell like Jesus.


Blogger Ben said...

But the real questions should be: What are you doing smelling Stephen Jones? And how close do you have to be in order to catch a wif?

10:24 AM


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