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Monday, October 18, 2004

And where have YOU BEEN?

whatsup everyone? Sorry no posts in forever. I have moved into my sweet new digs in Boynton Beach and I have no computer right now. Work is also keeping me wicked busy. So Aaron, Cags and myself are practicing regularly for the new band concept. The name? Hmm. In the works. As soon as we have something ready to present we will. Man, was I wrong about Frances...and the one after that. When I blogged the Frances comments I still had power at my mom's house. Once it was was out for over a week. Luckily my new apartment is on the same electric grid as a shelter. So I won't lose power!
ok, so hopefully i'll see u all soon...
latah -c


Blogger Ben said...

I think you should name the band something like "Citizen Red", yeah that has a nice ring to it!
What do you think?

9:38 AM

Blogger TJ said...

i got it .... are you ready ... BUFALISN'T. sick huh . i am a freakin genius. thank you .

12:03 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'd say Come Easy, but then again I'm a perv. Of course, a lot of the band names in Dublin are fairly retarded. Maybe you could be Bobby's Sexy Painted Chest. OR better yet, you could be The Euge Experience. I love you.

6:18 AM


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