baby, she says, i thought you liked it rough

Friday, December 10, 2004

Tour my apartment without ever stopping by!

This is the new computer! The i-mac G5!

The Living Room...

The bathroom (aka: the office)

So come by in person sometime!


Blogger Ben said...

What? No pictures of your dungeon where the little spanish boys are kept!?!
Sheesh! Some tour that was!

5:50 PM

Blogger calvin.c said...

that reminds me... you i think i left my whip in your leather closet. do you think ginny can bring it by when she drops off ruth for the annual dungeon bake sale? i love her homemade peppermint.

12:20 AM

Blogger Ben said...

Oh hey, I almost forgot, I had 3 more measages for you yesterday. Bono, Thom York and Billy Corgan all called to say they want you OFF of their cock and they are going forward with the restraining orders against you.

9:29 AM

Blogger calvin.c said...

oh my god thats awesome! you are one funny ass bubar! so did i hear that you ask ginny to call you richard ashcroft when you're in bed?

1:46 PM

Blogger Ben said...

Wait, no, I think your a little confused...Richard Ashcroft is what you call your hand when your in bed, no?
It gives a whole new meaning to being Calvin's right hand man!


4:21 PM


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